Nature is Like a Really Cool Desktop Background

How often do we look at our desktop background really? Even though I know that most of us pick a really cool picture of something we like, or a photograph of a good memory, we still are never really using our laptops to look at the desktop. That’s how nature started to feel like! We love to have a good view and good weather but we are rarely just out there enjoying it (unless you are one of the lucky few whose jobs are to do fun work outside, like that n#1 greatest job in the world where the guy has to live and have fun on a tropical touristic island and then blog about it to promote it!). Just like we glance at our desktop background from time to time when we have just turned on our laptop or turning it off, we quickly glance at nature on our way to our car or back to the house. And sometime we are even too busy to look around us. If you are wondering what has inspired me to write about this, well I’m not in any better shape, I rarely enjoy nature as well. I’m always inside with my laptop doing whatever is socially required these days or working. However, 10 minutes ago I had the craving for a hot pancake juiced with syrup. Then I thought, why not add some good weather to that and make it a happy night! And so now I’m sitting outside, with my legs crossed on the table in front of me like I’m the queen of my world but what am I doing? I’m all occupied with my phone sharing this with you. I guess it’s going to take us a few steps before we can really adapt back to nature and all its pleasures…

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