Something to Blog about

So I’ve started this new blog of mine hoping I’d be able to speak my mind out about various things, and mostly change my habit of being a silent observer to becoming an active participator. I’ve always had this “problem”, if it really is a problem, as my mother told me when I was a child I didn’t start speaking as early as normal because I was so busy observing the world around me and probably trying to form a perception of it. I was contemplative even before I was talkative =P.
However, since I’ve started this blog I haven’t come to decide on a topic to discuss, not because of the lack of topics but because of my other habit of over-thinking where I need to plan and think of something thoroughly down to the last details before I can do it. Then I just remembered something I read in an article a few days ago about being a better copywriter. The author basically said that writers have to stop that inner voice in their heads that tells them what to write or what not to write, how to write it, and most importantly that they’re not good enough to do something. He also added that to get the writing flowing, they should just write about anything until they get inspired. What I liked most in the article was the very beginning:
“We all have the potential to create whatever reality we could possibly imagine. Impossible is a word that limits our actions and behavior.”
Strangely enough that was what I have always believed in. I truly believed and advocated that our world is only made by our own perceptions. Something is only as sweet as you think it as or sour as you believe it is. Everything is possible because when you can’t control everything around you (and most certainly you can’t), you can at least control your thoughts and views. When you truly master this ability, the world becomes a different place “in your eyes”.
However, recently this has been something I doubted, and therefore lost the ability to do. For a little while perhaps I had that inner voice controlling me and my actions, but now I want to gain power and claim back my spirit (LOL I know I made it all too dramatic). I need to turn off my inner editor that’s been editing away my life and start playing a bigger part in it, it’s my life after all! And how am I going to be doing that? By blogging about nothing as something to blog about.

Sometimes the most precious thoughts are precious not in their value but in the fact that they were shared, and heard. Could that be the reason why when we are angry, we scream at someone that we hate him/her, even though we don’t, using that as a cue to let him/her sense what angry thoughts infest our minds? I would leave that to another post on some other day.


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