Who’s The Manalyst

You must be here on this page to get a glimpse of who I am and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Now I got to warn you that this might be a bit long as I don’t believe that you’d know much about a person by just learning his/her name, age and origin. In my opinion, that is just the shortest way to stereotyping and that’s something I really hate. If you’re in a hurry and would just love a snippet, then just go through the short version I added on the right, but if you ask me, you’ll be missing out on some quite interesting things!

My name is Manal Assaad, although my parents were so close to naming me Farah (joy) but I guess I was set out from the very beginning to be an achiever (Manal means gain; the advantageous quality of being beneficial). I was born on 8th of September, 1985 as a second child to an elder sister and then I was followed by 4 other siblings (Now that’s really where I got my first lessons of economy!). I was born in AlKhobar in Saudi Arabia to two Lebanese parents who kept moving me and my siblings back and forth between living in Lebanon and KSA.

I’ve practically spent half my life in Lebanon and half of it in KSA but I never stayed consecutively long enough in either places to learn and follow its culture, so I basically just made up my own combination of how I like to be. My earliest years in school in KSA reinforced a good sense of morals and ethics in me, whereas I got my sense of achievement pursuit from my adolescent years in Lebanon. As for the rest of my behaviors and attitudes, those were shaped by television. I’ve always watched TV programs and movies differently from others. I had a good sense of what was wrong and what was right, and with that I was able to distill the best practices from TV content. Like I would watch movies where good always wins over evil and I learn to be good as a life lesson  The best thing I learnt from TV was to be open to other cultures and that the world wasn’t confined in just the borders of where I live.

There was a whole lot of things out there that needed to be explored, and I was determined to make the journey. I knew that the best way to set myself on that route is through education, so I’ve always put a lot of effort in that. I diligently sought out the best results in all subjects. I wanted to make sure I was equipped with the knowledge for whatever area i chose as a specialty in the future. Of course all that didn’t keep me from having fun. Ever since I was 10, I was passionate about creative writing -poems and short stories-, drawing, and fashion designing. In fact, my lifelong dream has always been to have my own clothing line that I would design, manage, and market. So I always knew I wanted to be a part of the business world!


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