A browser for “Social Networking Addicts”!

Having accounts in multiple social networking sites seems to be the hype nowadays. If you are like any other average internet user, you must have by now at least 5 different accounts on different sites that you often forget to manage or update. From my personal experience, I can assure you that that is the case since I have 8 different accounts so far and they are ever growing.
So naturally, managing your accounts becomes more of a sore chore than a great tool for interacting with family, friends, and the rest of the world. Now, I’m not going to discuss the hazards of such addiction – since I suffer from it too – but hopefully I will help a bit by recommending a solution to make it easier for you.
As I’ve come to conclude, a “fun” social networking addiction needs the support of a great browser –OK, addictions shouldn’t be fun but you got to admit there is a certain thrill to having yourself all over the net interacting with people you could’ve never known existed any way else!–.
I was a traditional user of the Internet Explorer browser, maybe out of habit because it’s what I’ve known and used ever since my internet debut in 2000 –I’m young and live in the Middle East, the internet wasn’t very accessible here before that–. I grew accustomed to personalizing it with different toolbars and buttons to ease access to different sites, but consequently it made me believe that facing problems with a browser was inevitable. I grew tired of it a while ago and kept complaining about it and had friends recommend the Google Chrome browser saying it’s problems-free. And it was problems-free, but just as well it was customization-free! After getting used to having all those buttons that made my life easier, I was forced to use a “naked” browser. I got to admit that I was very discouraged to go through it and discover its full potential like I do with every software program I use. I also simultaneously used the Opera browser because I maintain multiple accounts on the same sites –like my 2 Facebook accounts and 2 hotmail accounts– so I often use two browsers in one session to stay logged in all of them at the same time and maximize efficiency. However, not a lot of efficiency maximized there because the Opera browser was just as uncreative as the Google Chrome. Some friends, or more like Mac fanatics, recommended Safari browser, but that would be as bad as the others when used in a Windows setting. So finally, I embarked on my own search for a browser that would suit my needs as a social networking addict and there I found it!
“Flock – The Social Web Browser”: Flock is a free web browser. Built on Mozilla’s Firefox, Flock enables you to instantly upload photos, share photos and videos by drag-n-drop, blog… and a lot more!
One look at the Flock start page and you know you will like it! Social networks services like Facebook; media browsing and sharing services like Youtube; and webmail services like Gmail are directly accessible from the start page and enable you to log in to your accounts and stay logged in and updated with all changes through Flock’s sidebar rather than having to keep those tabs open all the time.
Oh one great feature I loved is Flock’s total integration with Facebook, for all you Facebook addicts out there, with a taskbar of your Facebook notifications and chat floating on all Flock windows. No wonder 2 million Facebook users made the switch to Flock browser!
On another note, you can’t ignore the aesthetically pleasing and practical interface of the browser that allows easy access for all you can think of in a modern futuristic look without cluttering.
Honestly, I have only been using it for a week now but it didn’t take me more than a day to completely fall in love with it and share it with my friends. Here’s what some of them said:
“I like it! The easy access to my emails and profiles, the organized RSS feeds, the smooth sync between different photography uploading services like Flickr and Picasa which I both use, and the Facebook online bar available all the time (not that I use it often, but I find it a nice idea) have all made it the ideal browser for me. Plus, it’s light on my Mac in terms of size compared to other browsers so it’s perfect as my supporting browser, next to the Safari Browser.”
– Hayat Mushcab, MSc student.
“It’s a customizable web browser that works faster and better than most browsers, and I find it organized in the sense that I know where to look for a certain thing when I needed it. Simply, it changed the way I surf the web and it nicely supports my Safari browser on my Mac.”
Senior Account Executive at Asda’a

Here are some screenshots (click on them for a full view):

Flock’s starting page with featured social networks

Flock’s My World page displaying your favorite sites, media, and feeds.

Flock’s sidebar and media streams bar (open when needed to reduce clutter and keep window size appropriate)

Now here’s where you can learn about Flock and all its other nifty features as well as download it:
Join the flock today and “Be a Flockstar”!
Try it then comment to let me know what you think.