Superman is Dead, Vampires are Alive!

It seems that our notion of heroes have changed in the past few years, mainly heading to the dark side. Has anyone noticed that Superman is absent from the heroism scene? No hit movies (yes he returned but no body cared!), series (I am not counting Smallville because he is yet to call himself Superman and fly around with a red cape), or cartoons even! Yes, superman became very uncool. Who wants an alien pretending to be a normal human being as a hero! We want dark human beings who aren’t normal with super powers. Vampires are what’s “in” now: Twilight, New Moon, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, etc. It’s all about a hero who is a vegetarian nice living-dead vampire; sure because it would be too sick to love a vampire who kills humans. Even Spiderman had to go dark in his last feature to appeal to the masses.

Now the question is: how do we use that trend for our advantage? Simple. We hire vampires as our marketing people. We feature vampires using our products. We create products customized for vampires and vampire lovers. We open social communities for vampires with restaurants that offer “Tru Blood” and open buffet from willing volunteers. We maximize the marketing and creating of night life services…

Oh wait… VAMPIRES DON’T EXIST! Alas, that would’ve been a successful marketing niche.

I wonder what the next trend would be… zombies of intelligence, advocating for zombie rights?!